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— Rental of lasers for all-year hair removal!
— Full pay-back of the rent from one patient per day
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Rent the equipment that is right for you!

RL Secret guarantees pay-back and profit with at least one patient per day!
RL Secret * 808 nm (1000 W)
Diode laser
Wavelength – 808 nm;
Max. power – 1000 W;
Working spot – 10×10 mm;
Pulse duration – 1-30 ms;
Energy density – up to 50 J/cm2;
Pulse frequency – 1-10 Hz.
33 € / day

Why rent?

Laser hair removal is key to attracting primary patients to the clinic
Laser hair removal is one of the most popular search queries for cosmetology. Popularity among consumers makes this service the main source of engagement for primary patients to your clinic or beauty salon. The high level of services for laser hair removal allows subsequent visits to the clinic for other types of medical procedures to be expected.

Interest in laser hair removal in Europe doubled in 2019.
That is why lasers for hair removal are in high demand compared to all other cosmetology equipment.

Benefits of rental

Carry out procedures with the RL Secret device now!

Quick start

When renting RL Secret devices, you have free working assets that can be used in advertising and marketing!

Rate of decision making

1. You will not need a long agreement with the investor;
2. When you start work without an agreement with the investor, the statistics for the initial period will be the basis for the investment plan.

Low risks

If you like the device and you want to purchase it, the cost of rental payments is partially or completely applied toward the payment. If you do not rent the device, you risk making no actual profits, because the pay-back of the device is achieved from just one patient per day.

Market adaptation

By signing a rental contract, you will always have up-to-date equipment. It is easy to update your device in the face of changes in cosmetology trends. To do this, it will only be neessary to terminate the old rental contract, and to conclude a new one.


The guarantee is provided for the entire term of the rent.

No consumables

The device completely lacks consumables. As there is no lamp, there is no lamp service life; instead, laser diode pumping is used.

Service maintenance

We have 4 engineers, who are ready to quickly solve any technical issues.

RL Secret is Easy to work with

Our lasers have a simple and intuitive interface.
See for yourself!

Our hair removal laser
in action

Watch the procedure video, and see how easy it is to use RL Secret
Work with RL Secret all year round!

About producer

Our facility is one of the largest manufactures of laser equipment in the world. All RL Secret devices are based on defense-facility technologies.

Melsytech is one of the main suppliers of laser components all around the world. Therefore, considering foreign analogues of the laser equipment, you can theoretically choose between us and the devices of other companies developed through the introduction of our technologies.

When you buy RL Secret devices from a Russian manufacturer, you can depend upon the quality and long service life of the device (lamp service life is up to 100 million flashes, which corresponds to the approximately 7 years of equipment service life). Using the RL Secret technologies you get access to the most modern and advanced technology, which has virtually no analogue on the market.

Advantages of working with us

All our clients can count on an individual and professional approach!

Quick start

Low investment

Flexible terms of purchase



Working with one of the world's largest facilities


Marketing pack

Always up-to-date equipment

Low risks

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